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January 22, 2018
Coleman concierge’s feedback about cenote diving with La Calypso
March 11, 2019

La Calypso team can’t stop exploring cenotes around Tulum !

We have been amazed by Nicte Ha with his lilis and great plays of light. This cenote is located in Dos Ojos park, 15 minutes driving north from Tulum town center.

Nicte Ha Cenote

Nicte Ha in Dos Ojos park

Nicte Ha is a very decorated cenote with thousands of limestone formations : stalactites, stalagmites and columns.

Every certified diver should be able to enjoy this cenote. It’s pretty shallow and wide. You’ll feel at ease in its large space. 

We recommend Nicte Ha cenote for Open Water Divers as well as for the most experienced ones.

What other wonders can offer the unlimited Dos Ojos park ? We’ll go on exploring it to found it out !

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